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Who knits during a heat wave?

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Toronto has been a balmy 35+ as of late (often feeling closer to +45 according to the weather network). Clearly, the only reasonable thing to do would be to put aside the socks – the small manageable project – in favour of starting a sweater. The idea of wearing a sweater right now fills me with a certain kind of panic, I can barely handle the air touching me without falling in to a pit of despair. But I remember what it was like when I moved out here and having another sweater to keep me cozy when the temperatures head south is always a good idea.

The sweater pattern in question is this little number – Herlig herresweater (that’s Glorious Men’s Sweater in English, mayhaps named for the looker modelling said sweater, hmmmm?) from Familie Journal. Admittedly, the pattern is in Danish but that shouldn’t deter you. It’s not so tricky to use Google Translate. Side benefit, you’ll be well on your way to understanding much more complicated Danish patterns! The stitch pattern is easy to commit to memory and, to be honest, it’s just a top down raglan sweater – the easiest of sweaters.

There are no pictures as of yet. My camera battery just said “nope, I don’t want to work right now” so I have to wait until that’s charged up. There really isn’t much to see right now anyway. Sadly I did not consider the fact that knitting a sweater would take a long time when done in fingering weight so there are only a few inches of the yoke. But it’s a lovely few inches and once that battery is charged up I’ll share a picture or two.

Now I’m off to melt onto the floor next to the saddest cat in the world.


One Comment

  1. It is not quite as hot here (but also very melty) so of course I am also planning a sweater. I’ve been participating in Camp Loopy, and the final project has to be at least 800 yards of knitting. A sweater it is. I just can’t face another giant lace project right now, although it would certainly be less sweaty in my lap. Maybe I just talked myself into another giant lace project.

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