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There is a decided lack of content to pass along. I recently started a new job which comes along with a more intense exercise schedule. It’s a running store job, I feel I would be doing every one a disservice if I did not keep a more regular run schedule while working there. One benefit to this is that I had what was probably the best run of my life on the way home last night. Which also means that this morning I was not at all into the idea of moving any of my muscles.


Now that things are settling down a little bit I’ve been picking up the projects that have been taking a back seat as of late. Currently I’m furiously knitting on my Crafter’s Bay Cardigan while catching up on podcasts and some classy tv. The run through is as follows; Jane Eyre via Craft Lit (a podcast which I am loving so much), Wuthering Heights via PBS (thank heavens for Masterpiece Theater), Persuasion via ITV, and Northanger Abbey via ITV. The last two were made for ITV’s Jane Austen season. In my opinion, the best kind of season!


I’m just really taking a lot of delight in knitting and getting a little too absorbed in all of these stories that I first loved as a wee child (I wasn’t terribly popular, but oh boy could I devour books!). I’m hoping to have a finished cardigan to show off by next week.  It’s been a long wait and I’ll be very pleased to finally have this charming sweater to wear this spring.

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  1. Sounds like some great listening/watching! Tom Hardy was the only thing that could make me sit through another adaptation of Wuthering Heights (in my humble opinion, one of the most overrated novels in romantic literature – sorry everyone who loves it!) But yeah, mmm, Tom Hardy *drool* I was actually telling Graham to check it out recently. And also Michele.

    I just recently read Austen’s Mansfield Park for the first time ever – it was ok but as everyone before me has noted, Fanny is no Lizzie Bennett. I also watched a film adaptation of it, which sort of mussed up a bunch of the book, including trying to make Fanny into Lizzie Bennett. Sheesh.

    Glad you’re enjoying the running job (and the running.) I’m looking forward to some FO photos, once you cross the knitting finish line.

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